Keynote & Spotlight Presenters

Keynote Speaker:

Alan Levine @cogdog 

Barks about web tech at

Digs photography, guitars, #ds106,

WordPress, hiking, coding, the Who.

Makes SPLOTs. Loves @corisaas



Spotlight Speakers:

Rodd Lucier @thecleversheep

Rodd is a lifelong learner who crafts unique professional learning experiences for educators. Whether online or face-to-face, he engages co-conspirators in memorable learning that are both challenging and engaging. With 30+ years experience in K-12 education, he consults regularly with change agents looking to harness the potential of emerging tools and technologies.

Melissa Burns @MelissaBurnsEdu 


Award winning educator

Founder of @Esport_Canada + @MYEMB

Advocating + Researching #EsportsEDU

#MIEExpert #STEMed (she/her)



Jamie Leduc @JamieALeduc 


Animation & PreViz Teacher @SislerHS. @SislerCreate

Department Head @WinnipegSD. @ToonBoom

Creative Educator.